Vallée de Chamonix, sur les traces du Chéserys



On week-ends from June to October

1/2 places






EN or FR

Advantages of this workshop

  • Restricted to 2 persons + photographer for you health, a better assistance and a maximum of fun !

  • Learn and visit breathtaking places!

  • Made for amateurs and professionals, forget about the studious look in a class let's learn on the outdoor !

  • No editing session, the workshop gonna be two days full of learning about how to compose, shot landscapes and adventurous pictures.

  • If the conditions permit it, night photography lessons are included.

  • Get out of your comfort zone with minimum 3h hike per day, between glaciers, the highest summit of Europe and a beautiful wildlife.

  • Accompanied by a photographer who truly feel like home and publicated 2 times in NatGeo for picturing this place.

PLEASE, ITS IMPORTANTE TO NOTICE : The weather cannot be chose, we may have to adjust our plans.




- Meet up and presentations between 7 and 9am in Annecy or Chamonix train station.

- Around 9.30am-10.00 am Packing and start to hike to Lac des Chéserys by Col des Montets (hardest part) + lessons.

- Break at 12.00, sandwiches or we can share a stove with a view ! 

- After that we will take the time to go to the hut and apply lessons. If lucky, we will meet massive Ibexes, also young ones and other beautiful species !  

-  At the hut, i'll pay my beer or genepi if you prefer !

-1 hour before sunset we will eat together our food

- Lessons restarts after that, during the golden hour, then i'll teach you personally how to shot the blue hour.

-  Then go sleep, trust me the day will be intense after this but we can also do some nightshots if you wan't advices.



- After a good sleep, it's time for sunrise mission and breakfast !

- Early hike to the starting point will give us positive mind for the day and totally different sceneries/light than the day before. If we are lucky, we probably woke up above a see of clouds, It's also the best moment to surprise wildlife moments.

- Unpacking and eating break !

- Right after this some personnal coaching, reply to possible questions, evaluation of your progress in 24hours.

- Depending on how much we have time left, we will chose our next and close destination between many options.

- Probably around 6pm to 8pm, it's already time to say good bye !

What is included in the price?


  • Photography lessons/coaching with a professional Photographer (Français/English)

  • 1h/day spend for theory sessions (teaching, reply to questions, advices,…)

  • After meeting transfers to our hiking departure.


What’s not included and have to paid separately?


  • We will spend the night in a hut, I can only book it for you, only guides/tourism agency are allowed to pay nights for a client, so you will have to pay it by yourself. (If this one is closed a tent is probably possible.)

  • Transport to meet up: Airplane / Train tickets to Annecy or Chamonix as you prefer.

  • VISA

  • Lunch / Dinner

  • Extras (Alcohol, souvenirs, …)

  • Personal insurance: you bought a photography lesson you are not covered like a travel company. My role is only to teach you photography, coaching your work and make everything to give you an incredible experience but I'm in no way responsible for what can happen to you on our way. Naturally no risk gonna be taken, I know the trail and have a lot of experience in mountains, I will always do my best to support you as best I can during the workshop, taking out travel insurance is just to cover yourself in case of problem.


Which photography gear is needed?


  • Basically, your own camera with a manual mode.

  • Lenses (a wide angle and a zoom will be perfect!)

  • Memory cards.

  • Batteries.

  • As I will teach you adventure photography during our hikes, we gonna shoot handhold, but you can take with you a tripod for possible night shots.

  • Shutter release if you prefer, I can also teach you long exposure without one.

NO DRONE : Totally forbidden in Chamonix Valley.


If you want to bought photography gear before the workshop don’t hesitate to contact me for advices!


Clothes ?


During summer the temperature is around 20° but the wind can be cold and when the sun goes down it is getting cold fast. Notice, we can’t control bad weather we may have to adjust our plans.

During autumn (october) the temperature is around -5° as soon as the sun disappears. Notice, we can’t control bad weather we may have to adjust our plans.


  • Warm/wind jacket (cold wind, possible rain)

  • NO SNICKERS; Hiking shoes, preferably high ones.

  • Gloves

  • Some fleece sweets or merino t-shirts.

  • Raincoat

  • Drink bottle

  • Backpack

  • Material to cook/eat outside, save 50€ if you don’t have we will most certainly be able to share a stove! 

  • Headlamp, very important we gonna walk before/after & sunrise/sunset.


If you want to bought hiking gear before the workshop don’t hesitate to contact me for advices!




Normal price: 1000€

Launching price: 800€ until 01/06/2020


300€ asked for reservation and not refundable

500€ left can be paid in one time or each month both via bank transfer, the total must be paid before the lesson.


Pre-Book your Workshop!


Your Teacher

Hugo Grandcolas

I am a French photographer of 29 years old, known for his images of adventure but also his joy of life!

In the course of my career I have had the chance to make images for brands such as Canon, Fjällraven or Sixt.

My work has been rewarded by National Geographic and The Independent Photo, shared by Lonely Planet, Discovery and seen in the Paris Photo Show.

Tomorrow I will teach you how take breathtaking images and improve your skills.

See you soon !