Hugo's work is based on the outdoor activity, where he tries to bring back extraordinary reports of his adventures for various types of clients and his own pleasure.


It was late in life that he had the idea of starting photography and mixing his passion for beautiful images with travels. Today he devotes his whole life to storytelling, eating adventure at each breakfast !


Nothing beats a night outdoor where all your senses are awaken in face of a raw nature that must be preserved.

" I try to make the scenery alive, the most beautiful way I can. I want you to say wow when you look at my images, I want you to do everything possible to save our home ! "

As a person who got some influence he always trying to promote the good action in wild, explain why do or don't do that in the nature to his readers. 

"The perfect image ? I'm crazy enough to refuse to take it just because you can disturb wildlife with your drone or destroy the life of people by sharing a spot on social medias. You have to think during and after taking a breathtaking shot, fame can wait."


At the age of 30, when it's getting harder and harder to get a name in photography, Hugo has challenging himself to became a recognize photographer around the world by leaving everything behind him. Perfectionist, passionate, he is always trying to improve his skills. Hugo hometown is Haguenau in France but you may have more chances to meet him on the roads with is van, travelling the world in chase of the undiscovered places on Earth.


The Independent, judge Chris Burkard, Landscape contest Finalist & Book publish, 2019

National Geographic, Finalist picture for the cover of Natgeo Traveler, 2019

National Geographic International Photo Contest, Finalist, 2018

National Geographic Your Shot, Published in the story "I want to go there...", 2018

National Geographic Your Shot, Published as Photo of the day, 2018

Lonely Planet France, Highlighting the work, 2O17 & 2018.


Outdoor Exhibit in 2021 - Date and location soon!

Salon de la Photo, Paris 2018 & 2019

Due to current crisis my first book have been delayed to 2021.





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